Hobbart (Hobie) Alter - Naval designer
Hobbart (Hobie) Alter

Hobart Alter, a.k.a Hobie, is not really a naval architect; instead he's behind of one of the most famous surfboards shapes: light and fast boards shaped from polyurethane foam. In 1968 he began designing a beach catamaran that would have the same characteristics while being capable to pass the California swells, thus producing the Hobie Cat 14. While being easy to drag down a beach, fun to sail, and costing only $1,000, the boat is found to be a little too narrow and unstable. Thereafter Hobie Cat 14 is evolved into the Hobie Cat 16, which begins a long production...

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There are 2 "Hobbart (Hobie) Alter" sailboats on Sailboat-Data.

Hobie Cat 14 (sailboat) Hobie Cat 1413.9 ft1968
Hobie Cat 16 (sailboat) Hobie Cat 1616.6 ft1969