Ian Farrier - Naval designer
Ian Farrier

Ian Farrier is one of the pioneers of modern multihull. He is also an engineer who helped to democratize the trimarans with a simple and durable folding system, making them easy to store and carry. Ian Farrier has among others things been the architect of Corsair trimarans from 1984 to 2000 (full-time until 1991). Alongside many plans have been sold for amateur-built but also for professional shipyard. The majority of his trimarans and catamarans are built for fast cruising or racing but they are all equipped with accommodations even if the volume is less important than on a monohull of equivalent size.

Today more than 3000 multihulls, built on a Farrier design, are sailing.

Country : New Zealand
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There are 5 "Ian Farrier" sailboats on Sailboat-Data.

Corsair F24 MkI (sailboat) Corsair F24 MkI24.2 ft1991
Corsair F24 MkII (sailboat) Corsair F24 MkII24.2 ft1994
Corsair F27 (sailboat) Corsair F2727.1 ft1985
Corsair F28 R (sailboat) Corsair F28 R28.4 ft1991
Corsair F31 (sailboat) Corsair F3130.8 ft1992