Jean Berret - Naval designer
Jean Berret

Graduated from the Boule school (famous Art school in France), Jean Berret opened his office in La Rochelle in 1978. As him being already a talented regatta sailor, it did not take long for him to start working with major shipyards, producing boats like the First 35 with Bénéteau in 1979. Being a very active racer, particularly in the IOR which is the origin of many famous Half Tonner (Berret Paulette, Jarnac, Boogie ...). Jean Berret worked henceforth with Philippe Stark for First 35S5 and 41S5 boats. In 1983, he hired Olivier Racoupeau, who became his associate in 1994. In 2007, Jean Berret retired, leaving Racoupeau in charge of the office.

Country : France
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There are 12 "Jean Berret" sailboats on Sailboat-Data.

Bénéteau First 305 (sailboat) Bénéteau First 30530.7 ft1984
Bénéteau First 30E (sailboat) Bénéteau First 30E30.3 ft1981
Bénéteau First 32 (sailboat) Bénéteau First 3231.5 ft1980
Bénéteau First 325 (sailboat) Bénéteau First 32532.5 ft1984
Bénéteau First 32S5 (sailboat) Bénéteau First 32S531.8 ft1989
Bénéteau First 35S5 (sailboat) Bénéteau First 35S534.8 ft1988
Bénéteau First 41S5 (sailboat) Bénéteau First 41S540.4 ft1989
Bénéteau Idylle 11.50 (sailboat) Bénéteau Idylle 11.5036.4 ft1983
Gibert Marine Gib'Sea 80 Plus (sailboat) Gibert Marine Gib'Sea 80 Plus25.9 ft1978
Kelt 7.60 (sailboat) Kelt 7.6024.9 ft1979
Yachting France Jouët 600 (sailboat) Yachting France Jouët 60019.7 ft1979
Yachting France Jouët 680 (sailboat) Yachting France Jouët 68021.5 ft1978