Niels Jeppesen - Naval designer
Niels Jeppesen

Niels Jeppesen is one of the original founders of X-Yachts shipyard; he is now head of the design and the marketing departments in the United Kingdom and in Denmark. He is an accomplished racing sailor who has managed to give to the X-Yachts their performances that made the great reputation of the shipyard.

Country : Denmark
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There are 10 "Niels Jeppesen" sailboats on Sailboat-Data.

X-Yachts IMX 40 (sailboat) X-Yachts IMX 4039.7 ft2000
X-Yachts X-302 (sailboat) X-Yachts X-30229.9 ft1994
X-Yachts X-312 (sailboat) X-Yachts X-31230.3 ft1989
X-Yachts X-332 (sailboat) X-Yachts X-33233.0 ft1994
X-Yachts X-34 (sailboat) X-Yachts X-3434.0 ft2007
X-Yachts X-35 (sailboat) X-Yachts X-3534.8 ft2005
X-Yachts X-40 (sailboat) X-Yachts X-4040.0 ft2004
X-Yachts X-41 (sailboat) X-Yachts X-4140.5 ft2006
X-Yachts X-46 (sailboat) X-Yachts X-4646.0 ft2003
X-Yachts X-99 (sailboat) X-Yachts X-9932.6 ft1985