Kelt 7.60
Ballasted centerboard

The Kelt 7.60 comes, with the Kelt 707 launched the same year, to fill the gap that existed between the Kelt 6.20 and the Kelt 8m. This is truly a cruising sailboat where the volume of the accommodations and the size of the cockpit would make us forget that she is less than 8m – 26ft long. Also cheaper than the Kelt 8m she quickly became a commercial success and won the title of Boat of the year in 1980.

Sailing, her behavior is that of a small sailboat, reagent where the placement of the crew plays an important role in the balance of the boat, however the sail plan is wise make her well suited to cruise. Note that the centerboard version is equipped with a liftable rudder to allow beaching.

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Main Features

ModelKelt 7.60
VersionBallasted centerboard
Sailboat typeCruising monohull
DesignerJean Berret
Building years (first/last)1979 / 1985
Number built489
Regulation3eme 5/8 pers.
ConstructionFiberglass/polyester, monolithic hull, balsa sandwich deck
Appendage typeCenterboard
Rudder bladeSingle transom hung rudder
RudderSingle tiller
Main dimensions
Length over all27.2 ft
Hull length24.9 ft
Waterline length22.0 ft
Beam over all9.1 ft
Waterline beam7.5 ft
Fore freeboard3.2 ft
Middle freeboard3.0 ft
Draft (max./min.)5.4 / 2.7 ft
Mast height32.5 ft
Light displacement4850 lbs
Full load displacement5798 lbs
Ballast1720 lbs
French customs tonnage5.54 Tx

Rig and sails

Rig typeMasthead Sloop
MastDeck stepped mast
Rig materialMast and boom in Aluminum
Standing rigging material1x19 strand wire
Number of rows of spreader1
Spreader angleNeutral (0°)
Spinnaker typeSymmetrical spinnaker
Upwind sailarea407 ft²
Downwind sailarea691 ft²
Mainsail area131 ft²
Genoa area277 ft²
Working jib area201 ft²
Jib area90 ft²
Spinnaker area560 ft²

PMainsail hoist measurement (from tack to head)

25.7 ft

EMainsail foot measurement (from tack to clew)

9.2 ft

IFore triangle height (from mast foot to fore stay attachement)

30.4 ft

JFore triangle base (from mast foot to bottom of forestay)

10.2 ft

LLGenoa hoist measurement (from tack to head)

30.8 ft

LPGenoa perpendicular measurement from clew to luff.

15.3 ft

SLSymmetrical spinnaker hoist measurement (from tack to head)

29.2 ft

SMWSymmetrical spinnaker width

18.3 ft


Wetted surface154 ft²
Transverse section maximum surface8 ft²
Ballast ratio35.5 %
Upwind sailarea / displacement185.1 ft²/Ton
Downwind sailarea / displacement313.9 ft²/Ton
HN (French rating)9.0
IOR rating20.1 ft

Auxiliary engine

Engine power1 x 4 hp
Power max (optional)1 x 10 hp
Fuel typeGas
Transmission typeOutboard (Inboard with saildrive as option)


Number of cabin1
Number of berth (max./min.)5 / 4
Number of shower room1
Fresh water capacity26.4 gal
Headroom max6.0 ft
Headroom kitchen5.7 ft
Headroom5.7 ft
Length of berth6.6 ft
Width of berth*2.2 ft
Fore cabin
Headroom5.1 ft
Length of berth7.1 ft
Width of berth*5.7 ft
Catwalk width1.3 ft

Based on specification1981

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