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Archambault is a producer of performance oriented sailing boat. Founded in the mid-sixties it starts with cruising monohull and in 1977 the Surprise brings the first commercial success. Since then, models produced are one-design, racing boat designed to rules (IRC ...) or simply boat for pleasure to go fast!

In 2012, after filing for bankruptcy, the shipyard was taken over by Gilles Caminade, construction industrial and sailing enthusiast, Emmanuel Archambault remaining senior manager of the yard.

Country : France
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There are 5 "Archambault" sailboats on Sailboat-Data.

Archambault A27 (sailboat) Archambault A2727.4 ft2012
Archambault A31 (sailboat) Archambault A3131.3 ft2009
Archambault M34 (sailboat) Archambault M3433.9 ft2010
Archambault Surprise (sailboat) Archambault Surprise25.1 ft1977
Archambault Suspens (sailboat) Archambault Suspens30.3 ft1979