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Cantiere Nautico Lillia

Cantiere Nautico Lillia, is as its name suggests an Italian shipyard. It was founded in 1957 by Gianni Lillia in Musso on the shores of Lake Como.

This is a shipyard of enthusiasts, where only one design made for the race are produced. The Star is the sailboat that brought consecration to the yard with victory of Torben Grael and Marcello Ferreira at the Atlanta Olympics in 1996, on a Lillia Star. Today the production of Star, Dinghy 12 and Fun continues in the hands of Domenico, Gianni's brother, and his son Stefano.

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Jeanneau / Cantiere Nautico Lillia Fun (sailboat) Jeanneau / Cantiere Nautico Lillia Fun23.3 ft1982