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Corsair Marine is a manufacturer of trailerable trimaran founded in 1984 by John T. Walton (son of the founder of Wal Mart). They begin production in California with Ian Farrier design from which they also use the clever folding system. The first model, the F27 is a success and soon the range extends longer (F31) and smaller (F24). Corsair trimaran aims to be simple, fast and easy to carry, they are all equipped with a cabin for considering fast cruising. To ensure a low weight, the construction is of quality, full sandwich and locally using carbon fiber or Kevlar however the finish is sometimes questionable and lining carpet is not to everyone's taste.

From 2000, the internal design department takes Ian Farrier relay for the design of new models. In 2006 the shipyard is transferred to Vietnam to reduce the production costs. In October 2010 Corsair Marine was bought by the Australian shipyard, Seawind Catamarans.

Country : Vietnam
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There are 8 "Corsair" sailboats on Sailboat-Data.

Corsair Cruze 970 (sailboat) Corsair Cruze 97031.8 ft2013
Corsair F24 MkI (sailboat) Corsair F24 MkI24.2 ft1991
Corsair F24 MkII (sailboat) Corsair F24 MkII24.2 ft1994
Corsair F27 (sailboat) Corsair F2727.1 ft1985
Corsair F28 R (sailboat) Corsair F28 R28.4 ft1991
Corsair F31 (sailboat) Corsair F3130.8 ft1992
Corsair Dash 750 MkI (sailboat) Corsair Dash 750 MkI24.2 ft2006
Corsair Dash 750 MkII (sailboat) Corsair Dash 750 MkII24.2 ft2013