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Founded in 1964 by Michel Dufour, the shipyard of the same name settled in La Rochelle. The first models, Sylphe, Arpège and Safari, are selling well, yet in the mid-70s the first financial worries appear. In 1976 Dufour was taken over by Baron Bich, who will work with famous architect for new Dufour sailboats. In 1988 Dufour the management changes again and becomes Dufour Yacht which began an expansion by purchasing many shipyards. In 2010 Bavaria takes control of Dufour Yacht.

Country : France
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There are 11 "Dufour" sailboats on Sailboat-Data.

Dufour 1300 (sailboat) Dufour 130023.8 ft1974
Dufour 1800 (sailboat) Dufour 180024.9 ft1979
Dufour 28 Mezzo (sailboat) Dufour 28 Mezzo28.7 ft1983
Dufour 2800 (sailboat) Dufour 280027.0 ft1977
Dufour 30 Classic (sailboat) Dufour 30 Classic29.4 ft1996
Dufour 36 Classic (sailboat) Dufour 36 Classic35.3 ft1999
Dufour 3800 (sailboat) Dufour 380030.5 ft1980
Dufour 39 (sailboat) Dufour 3938.1 ft1982
Dufour 4800 (sailboat) Dufour 480034.9 ft1981
Dufour A9000 (sailboat) Dufour A900038.9 ft1979
Dufour / Yachting France Dufour 42 / Lacoste 42 (sailboat) Dufour / Yachting France Dufour 42 / Lacoste 4241.1 ft1985