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Founded in 1970 by Norbert Joris, Etap is a Belgian shipyard that has succeeded in finding their market with differently designed high quality sailboats. Their boats are distinguished by their unsinkable hull, created by adding a layer of foam between the hull and the counter mold. This sacrifices some volume but offers many advantages, mainly an excellent isolation and lack of condensation. The shipyard offers also some non-common appendages, such as the tandem keels. All this is presented with a finish that has for long time served as an example for other boats of the same size.

The shipyard was bought by Dehler Yachting in 2008, who bankrupted soon after. Etap shipyard was reborn in 2013, with one site in Belgium and another in India.

Country : Belgium
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There are 5 "Etap" sailboats on Sailboat-Data.

Etap 23iL (sailboat) Etap 23iL22.5 ft1995
Etap 28i (sailboat) Etap 28i28.1 ft1987
Etap 30 (sailboat) Etap 3029.7 ft1984
Etap 30i (sailboat) Etap 30i29.3 ft1995
Etap 39s (sailboat) Etap 39s38.1 ft1998