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Nacra (for North American Catamaran Racing Association) is a manufacturer of catamarans since 1975, via Performance Cat Inc.

In 1971 Geoffrey Prindle begins the production of Prindle 16. With its revolutionary fine bow entries, Prindle 16 gains the “Most Efficient Catamaran Trophy” award at the Pacific Multihull Association’s World Speed Trials. Tom Rolland introduces the Alpha Cat. In 1975, the “Nacra” name is formalized, and Alpha 18 becomes Nacra 18 square. For this occasion Nacra produces a unique machine: the Nacra 36.

Nacra's boat range is quickly developed to offer a range of simple and high performance boats. Some of them revolutionize the practice, as the Nacra 6.0 with its self tacking jib and a large spinnaker, which ruled over the long distance races.

Today the range is wide and segmented: catamarans for recreation (with 3 digits) and those for regattas (with 2 digits).

Country : United States
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There are 11 "Nacra" sailboats on Sailboat-Data.

Nacra 17 (sailboat) Nacra 1717.2 ft2011
Nacra 450 (sailboat) Nacra 45015.0 ft1993
Nacra 460 (sailboat) Nacra 46014.8 ft2004
Nacra 500 (sailboat) Nacra 50016.4 ft1998
Nacra 570 (sailboat) Nacra 57018.6 ft1998
Nacra F16 (sailboat) Nacra F1616.4 ft2012
Nacra F18 (sailboat) Nacra F1818.1 ft2002
Nacra F20 FCS (sailboat) Nacra F20 FCS20.3 ft2014
Nacra Inter 17 (sailboat) Nacra Inter 1717.2 ft1998
Nacra Inter 18 (sailboat) Nacra Inter 1818.1 ft1996
Nacra Inter 20 (sailboat) Nacra Inter 2020.0 ft1998