Trailerable monohull

The trailerable monohull is a small enough sailboat to be easily towed by a car. Whether cruising monohull, cruising-racing monohull or regatta monohull, its width is limited by regulation and its maximum weight is dictated by the towing vehicle it is generally below 1500kg.

Sailboat :

There are 18 "Trailerable monohull" sailboats on Sailboat-Data.

Archambault Surprise (sailboat) Archambault Surprise25.1 ft1977
Bénéteau First 18 (sailboat) Bénéteau First 1818.0 ft1978
Bénéteau First 21.7 (sailboat) Bénéteau First 21.720.5 ft2004
Bénéteau First 22 (sailboat) Bénéteau First 2221.6 ft1978
Bénéteau First 235 (sailboat) Bénéteau First 23521.6 ft1986
Bénéteau First 24 (sailboat) Bénéteau First 2424.6 ft1982
Bénéteau / McDell Marine Bénéteau 25 / Platu 25 (sailboat) Bénéteau / McDell Marine Bénéteau 25 / Platu 2524.5 ft1992
Dufour 1300 (sailboat) Dufour 130023.8 ft1974
Etap 23iL (sailboat) Etap 23iL22.5 ft1995
Gibert Marine Gib'Sea 80 Plus (sailboat) Gibert Marine Gib'Sea 80 Plus25.9 ft1978
Jeanneau Sun Way 21 (sailboat) Jeanneau Sun Way 2120.7 ft1989
Jeanneau Tonic 23 (sailboat) Jeanneau Tonic 2322.6 ft1985
Jeanneau / Cantiere Nautico Lillia Fun (sailboat) Jeanneau / Cantiere Nautico Lillia Fun23.3 ft1982
Kelt 5.50 (sailboat) Kelt 5.5017.9 ft1978
Kelt 6.20 (sailboat) Kelt 6.2020.3 ft1974
RS Sailing RS Elite (sailboat) RS Sailing RS Elite24.3 ft2004
Yachting France Jouët 600 (sailboat) Yachting France Jouët 60019.7 ft1979
Yachting France Jouët 680 (sailboat) Yachting France Jouët 68021.5 ft1978