Cruising-racing monohull

Between regatta monohull and cruising monohull, there is a hybrid as suited to racing as fast cruising. The majority of these racing-cruising sailboat race with corrected time using rating (IRC, IMS ...) but some have received wide distribution can race as monotype or iso-rating (real time). They all have sufficient accommodations to allow considering navigation for several days.

Sailboat :

There are 66 "Cruising-racing monohull" sailboats on Sailboat-Data.

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Kirié Feeling 920 / Elite 32 (sailboat) Kirié Feeling 920 / Elite 3230.3 ft1981
Nautor's Swan Club Swan 42 / NYYC 42 (sailboat) Nautor's Swan Club Swan 42 / NYYC 4242.6 ft2006
Nautor's Swan Swan 36 (sailboat) Nautor's Swan Swan 3635.8 ft1967
Nautor's Swan Swan 441 (sailboat) Nautor's Swan Swan 44144.4 ft1978
Nautor's Swan Swan 45 (sailboat) Nautor's Swan Swan 4545.4 ft2001
X-Yachts IMX 40 (sailboat) X-Yachts IMX 4039.7 ft2000
X-Yachts X-302 (sailboat) X-Yachts X-30229.9 ft1994
X-Yachts X-312 (sailboat) X-Yachts X-31230.3 ft1989
X-Yachts X-332 (sailboat) X-Yachts X-33233.0 ft1994
X-Yachts X-34 (sailboat) X-Yachts X-3434.0 ft2007
X-Yachts X-35 (sailboat) X-Yachts X-3534.8 ft2005
X-Yachts X-40 (sailboat) X-Yachts X-4040.0 ft2004
X-Yachts X-41 (sailboat) X-Yachts X-4140.5 ft2006
X-Yachts X-46 (sailboat) X-Yachts X-4646.0 ft2003
X-Yachts X-99 (sailboat) X-Yachts X-9932.6 ft1985
Yachting France Jouët 920 (sailboat) Yachting France Jouët 92030.4 ft1979
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