Beach catamaran

The sport catamaran, sometimes also called beach cat is a small, lightweight boat with two hulls. The principle here is the same as it is on a dinghy: the crew manages the balance of the boat with its weight, exercise facilitated by a high initial stability provided by the two hulls spaced. This stability makes it perfectly suitable for beginners, but also allows him to adopt powerful sail-plan it becomes a high performance sailboat.

Sailboat :

There are 25 "Beach catamaran" sailboats on Sailboat-Data.

ADH Inotec Diam 3 (sailboat) ADH Inotec Diam 318.1 ft2003
Hobie Cat 14 (sailboat) Hobie Cat 1413.9 ft1968
Hobie Cat 15 (sailboat) Hobie Cat 1516.2 ft1992
Hobie Cat 16 (sailboat) Hobie Cat 1616.6 ft1969
Hobie Cat 17 (sailboat) Hobie Cat 1717.0 ft1985
Hobie Cat 21 (sailboat) Hobie Cat 2121.3 ft1987
Hobie Cat FX One (sailboat) Hobie Cat FX One17.2 ft2002
Hobie Cat Max (sailboat) Hobie Cat Max16.1 ft2003
Hobie Cat Miracle 20 (sailboat) Hobie Cat Miracle 2019.6 ft1991
Hobie Cat Tiger (sailboat) Hobie Cat Tiger18.1 ft1995
Hobie Cat Wave (sailboat) Hobie Cat Wave13.1 ft1994
Hobie Cat Wild Cat (sailboat) Hobie Cat Wild Cat18.1 ft2009
Marström M20 (sailboat) Marström M2020.0 ft2001
Nacra 17 (sailboat) Nacra 1717.2 ft2011
Nacra 450 (sailboat) Nacra 45015.0 ft1993
Nacra 460 (sailboat) Nacra 46014.8 ft2004
Nacra 500 (sailboat) Nacra 50016.4 ft1998
Nacra 570 (sailboat) Nacra 57018.6 ft1998
Nacra F16 (sailboat) Nacra F1616.4 ft2012
Nacra F18 (sailboat) Nacra F1818.1 ft2002
Nacra F20 FCS (sailboat) Nacra F20 FCS20.3 ft2014
Nacra Inter 17 (sailboat) Nacra Inter 1717.2 ft1998
Nacra Inter 18 (sailboat) Nacra Inter 1818.1 ft1996
Nacra Inter 20 (sailboat) Nacra Inter 2020.0 ft1998
RS Sailing RS Cat16 (sailboat) RS Sailing RS Cat1615.4 ft2013