Formula 18 - Class
Formula 18

Created in France in 1993, the F18 rules are based on Small Catamaran Handicap Rating System,

SCHRSSmall Catamaran Handicap Rating System: rating introduced by ISAF in 1992 to allow to different catamarans to race together.

, a rating system implemented by ISAF one year before. The idea is to be able to race together and in real time with different catamarans. At the base of rules there are several simple criteria:

  • Maximum length 5.52 m
  • Maximum beam 2.60 m
  • Minimum weight of platform 130 kg
  • Minimum weight boat ready to sail 180 kg
  • Maximum mast height of 9.10 m
  • Spars of constant section
  • 2 sets of trapeze

The F18 is recognized in France by ISAF since 1996 and worldwide since 2002.

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There are 5 "Formula 18" sailboats on Sailboat-Data.

ADH Inotec Diam 3 (sailboat) ADH Inotec Diam 318.1 ft2003
Hobie Cat Tiger (sailboat) Hobie Cat Tiger18.1 ft1995
Hobie Cat Wild Cat (sailboat) Hobie Cat Wild Cat18.1 ft2009
Nacra F18 (sailboat) Nacra F1818.1 ft2002
Nacra Inter 18 (sailboat) Nacra Inter 1818.1 ft1996