Trailerable trimaran

Trailerable trimarans are small sailboats with three hulls whose dimensions when folded, allows them to be easily towed by a car. Compared to a trailerable monohull, trimaran can be longer because it is much lighter to equivalent size.

Less spacious than monohulls, trimarans have the advantage of being faster especially when you alter course.

Sailboat :

There are 16 "Trailerable trimaran" sailboats on Sailboat-Data.

ADH Inotec Diam 24 One-Design (sailboat) ADH Inotec Diam 24 One-Design23.8 ft2013
Corsair Cruze 970 (sailboat) Corsair Cruze 97031.8 ft2013
Corsair F24 MkI (sailboat) Corsair F24 MkI24.2 ft1991
Corsair F24 MkII (sailboat) Corsair F24 MkII24.2 ft1994
Corsair F27 (sailboat) Corsair F2727.1 ft1985
Corsair F28 R (sailboat) Corsair F28 R28.4 ft1991
Corsair F31 (sailboat) Corsair F3130.8 ft1992
Corsair Dash 750 MkI (sailboat) Corsair Dash 750 MkI24.2 ft2006
Corsair Dash 750 MkII (sailboat) Corsair Dash 750 MkII24.2 ft2013
Marström Composite AB / Oceanlake Marine Seacart 30 (sailboat) Marström Composite AB / Oceanlake Marine Seacart 3030.0 ft2005
Oceanlake Marine Seacart 26 (sailboat) Oceanlake Marine Seacart 2624.9 ft2011
Quorning Boats Dragonfly 25 (sailboat) Quorning Boats Dragonfly 2524.6 ft2015
Quorning Boats Dragonfly 28 (sailboat) Quorning Boats Dragonfly 2828.7 ft2008
Quorning Boats Dragonfly 32 (sailboat) Quorning Boats Dragonfly 3232.2 ft2012
Quorning Boats Dragonfly 920 (sailboat) Quorning Boats Dragonfly 92030.2 ft1996
Torpen Boats Multi 23 (sailboat) Torpen Boats Multi 2322.0 ft2008